General FAQ

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Go to “Register Now” at the top of the homepage and set up your account. Once you subscribe you have access to all available courses! Everytime you log in, your enrolled courses will show up on your homepage.

Do I get continuing education credits?

Yes! Food Armor courses are either RACE approved or submitted but not yet approved for continuing education credit in jurisdictions which recognize RACE approval. When you complete an online course after RACE approval you will receive a CE certificate on your My Learning page.  Shorter online courses take at least 20-25 minutes each and others close to 50 minutes. Make sure to keep your certificates available for your veterinary license renewal.

Current coursework offers some 0.5 and some 1.0 RACE approved CE credits per module.  Additional courses are scheduled to launch in the future every year and a current subscription provides you access to all of them.

The in person training has been submitted but is not yet approved for 6 CE hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions which recognize RACE approval.

How many courses do I need to get/maintain my Food Armor Accreditation?

Once you take the equivalent of 2 CE credits you will earn your Food Armor Accreditation. This can be accomplished with a variety of 0.5 CE and/or 1.0 CE credits of your choice. You will receive a Food Armor Accreditation number and certificate in your email. Please allow 4 weeks processing time.

To maintain that Accreditation, you just need to take the equivalent of 2.0 CE credits each year. New courses are released every year so you should have a wide variety to choose from. Remember, all of these courses offer valuable RACE-approved continuing education credits!

**Food Armor Accreditation is currently limited to veterinarians.** 

Can I take the courses in person vs online?

Yes you can. Food Armor offers in-person trainings periodically throughout the year and throughout the country. You can request information about upcoming in-person trainings by contacting us!

Will there be more courses available in the future?

Yes there will! Food Armor plans to launch 4-8 courses each year. By subscribing to the learning platform, you will have access to all courses to earn continuing education credits specific to antimicrobial stewardship.

If you aren’t interested in a full subscription you can purchase individual courses. You will still earn CE credits with each course you successfully complete.

What if I am already Food Armor Accredited or have been trained by Food Armor in the past?

All veterinarians who are currently Food Armor Accredited (under the old requirements), or those that have been trained via our in-person Phase I sessions during the calendar year will automatically maintain/receive their Food Armor Accreditation.

Future renewals of that Food Armor Accreditation will be required using the new requirements (Successful completion of the equivalent of 2 CE credits of courses per year).

Veterinarians impacted will have until their current expiration date to renew and complete courses to remain in good standing.