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The Food Armor Foundation is a non-profit 501©3 organization with a passionate team of food industry professionals ranging from producers and veterinarians to packers, processors and food marketers. The beginnings of the program go back to 2010 in Wisconsin where, through education and a grass-roots approach, Food Armor was able to reduce an unacceptably high incidence of tissue residues to near zero levels, while gaining respect across the veterinary community, maintaining a broad stakeholder perspective (including veterinarians) and building years of experience in translating guidelines into education.

Food Armor strives to provide a solid educational foundation for every food animal veterinarian signing a VCPR for a farming operation and is working together with industry leaders to strengthen the meaning of the VCPR. Food Armor’s online educational learning system is designed to provide every veterinarian with the knowledge and skills necessary to build a robust antimicrobial stewardship program, one farm at a time.


To provide antimicrobial stewardship education and accreditation services to food animal veterinarians and farmers to safeguard animal, public and environmental health and welfare.


To be the recognized leader in empowering veterinarians and farmers to implement proven antimicrobial stewardship practices inspiring consumer confidence in animal agriculture.

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