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what isThe Food Armor® Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) for Proper Drug Use is a proven, on-farm stewardship program that delivers a verifiable drug quality assurance program by defining the roles and responsibilities of those using it. The objective is to identify potential hazards and to identify critical control points to limit these hazards. Proper implementation of this program should ensure transparency and accountability for appropriate drug use on a farm.

Food Armor® is a six-section plan that addresses food safety, responsible drug use and antimicrobial stewardship on farms.

The six sections include:

  1. VCPR (Veterinarian/Client/Patient Relationship) – The Veterinarian of Record and the Farm Owner proactively assign roles and responsibilities which establish the lines of communication between all members of the VCPR team.
  2. Drug list- This list includes all drugs on the farm and defines exactly how each drug will be used in specific situations or management groups.
  3. Protocols- Protocols are treatment plans developed by the Veterinarian of Record for commonly occurring, easily recognizable conditions where instructions can be left by the Veterinarian of Record for the care of these conditions in his/her absence.
  4. SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures precisely define procedures for animal care, including animal identification, residue avoidance, drug administration, and euthanasia.
  5. Records- Records provide the Veterinarian of Record and the Farm Owner a means for oversight of drug usage on the farm. A recording method must be present which includes a treatment log for every treatment and a permanent medical history for every animal. The permanent record should provide information that allows farm management to make medical decisions for the entire herd.
  6. Oversight- Veterinary oversight includes continuous monitoring of hazards and identification of potential improvements to the animal care plan. Oversight is an integral component for validation of the VCPR and provides accountability, ultimately resulting in increased consumer confidence.