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In 2011 the WVMA partnered with the Profession Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW) to develop the What Matters® initative – a comprehensive non-regulatory, educational outreach program:

What Matters®:

Veterinarians and producers working together to ensure safe meat and milk.

What Matters® is dairy farmers and veterinarians working together to ensure safe meat and milk. PDPW partners with the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association to lead the industry to more effective solutions beyond increased regulation.

We're proving that professional dairy farmers will not tolerate repeated violative residues and strive to improve performance. Farmers and veterinarians have proven that increased regulation doesn’t necessarily protect the consumer. Rather, proper protocols can, and we will do it - together.

Food Armor® HACCP for Proper Drug Use Program is the “how” step of the What Matters® initiative.

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